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At Certified Translation, you will find a broad range of accurate translation and other related services. In today’s dynamic world, it has become imperative to have a presence in different countries. However, to reach out to people in other countries, it is necessary that you communicate with people in the language that they understand. Thus, it becomes important to translate your key information, such as legal documents, financial documents, marketing communication, and all other business-critical information into other foreign languages.

We also address the need for other services such as interpretation, subtitling / captioning, voiceovers and transcription in foreign languages. Apart from meeting the translation needs of businesses, we also serve individuals who are in need of translation services.

Translation Services

Certified Translation offers professional translation and proofreading services for a big variety of clients. While most of our customers are large businesses, we often get requests from individual people or smaller ventures, requests we gladly accept. Our main services consist of translation and proofreading and we have several years of experience in these subjects. We only employ native translators with proven experience that can live up to the high quality standards of our company. Our translation services can help you mitigate the risks associated with venturing into another country, the native language of which you do not know.
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Transcription Services

We offer transcription services in different areas such as Legal, Medical, Insurance, Entertainment, Corporate, Government, and Education sectors. We provide an accurate and on-time transcription service, simply upload your audio/video files onto our server and we will do the rest.
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Audio Visual Services

Certified Translation provides audio visual services such as subtitling / captioning and voiceover services in different international and Indian languages in order to break language barriers and reach out to a large non-English populace. We have a team of language professionals who are experienced in providing audio visual services such as subtitling and voiceovers in different languages. Having expertise in over 25 languages (the list is increasing), we are capable of providing audio visual services in various languages, dialects and accents.
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Why Us

Integrated service offerings, Optimal resource utilization, Variable costs to maximize, ROI Increasing productivity, Continuous improvement in quality, Knowledge management culture, Reduced cost of delivery

Our Clients

We work with Engineering, IT Companies and other major organizations in India, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. Our Quality Focus is primarily in four areas Quality, Technology, Process and Responsiveness.

Succesful Team

Its impossible to build a company without an incredible team. We are very fortunate to have a group of talented and experienced individuals who have dedicated themselves to create a world class service model that adds value to our clients

True Global Diversity

Our highly-qualified, ethnically diverse employee base ensures both delivery excellence and cultural sensitivity. Combine our cultural diversity with our highly-qualified workforce you have a potent combination, not easily matched.